Genesis Automation Joins Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI)

The mission of SMI is to bring both providers and suppliers together, in a collaborative, non-competitive environment to help shape the future of the healthcare supply chain in support of quality healthcare delivery. Genesis is committed to increasing patient safety and lowering the costs of healthcare by applying traceability principles to the hospital supply chain.

Guillermo Ramas, CEO of Genesis Automation USA said, “We are very excited to contribute to SMI’s important and meaningful mission. The healthcare supply chain in the United States is currently facing tough challenges and undergoing important and rapid changes. SMI’s collaborative forum is the perfect environment to evolve and advance the future of the healthcare marketplace. We look forward to bringing our extensive experience in traceability and supplies management to the table and making a difference.”

About SMI

The Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to improving the supply chain through direct information exchange and collaboration between senior healthcare supply chain executives and senior IDN supply chain executives. SMI members include healthcare providers, manufacturers, medical distributors, and other healthcare supply chain businesses. SMI, created to influence, shape and advance the future of the healthcare marketplace, provides an open forum for innovative idea-exchange and the development of collaborative process improvement initiatives. The members of SMI have created over 30 tools and resources, available free of charge, designed to help industry professionals address real supply chain challenges. For more information about SMI, including a complete list of members, visit:

About Genesis Automation USA

Genesis Automation USA is a subsidiary of Genesis Automation, a leading provider of innovative supplies management, traceability and analytics solutions featuring clinically-integrated technology that redefines what supply chain means for value-based healthcare. Genesis provides hospitals and healthcare providers with affordable, innovative solutions that improve patient safety, cut costs and eliminate waste. For more information, visit Genesis Automation at, on twitter with @GenesisATeam and on LinkedIn.