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Genesis provide innovative healthcare value-chain solutions which improve patient safety, cut costs and eliminate waste for both healthcare and technology providers.

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Genesis Team Pic Michael Mac Sweeney/ProvisionNoel O’Hanlon
Founder and Group CEO
Noel has twenty five years of senior management experience. as Director and Managing Director in high tech manufacturing and software technology based companies. He founded Genesis in 2010, to bring best practice processes and innovative technology solution that have been proven in other sectors to Healthcare providers, in order to enable them to improve the quality and efficiency of their patient care.

Since then, Genesis has grown to become UK market leaders in point of care traceability and inventory management solutions.



Genesis Team Pic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision Mike O’Flynn MBS
Group CTO
Mike is the technical architect of the Genesis solution offering and is responsible for building and managing the technical infrastructure and resources internationally. Since joining Genesis in 2013, Mike has led the research, design, and development of the Genesis solution as well as successfully managing the implementation of the Genesis system across 15 sites in the NHS in the UK and in Ireland.

Prior to Healthcare, Mike worked in the company & business registry domain, and was involved in the design and development of Pan-European solutions for government organizations.




Genesis Team Pic Michael Mac Sweeney/ProvisionIan McDermott MBS ACA
Group CFO
Responsible for all aspects of financial and commercial governance across the group. Ian is a member of the institute of chartered accountants Ireland and has worked across a wide variety of industries including, information technology, building materials, construction, medical technology, bio sciences, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, software solutions and professional services.

Prior to Genesis, Ian worked on the corporate development team of a FTSE 100 company as well as working with Deloitte across both assurance and corporate finance practices.



Guillermo Ramas
Before joining Genesis in 2016, Guillermo served as Executive Vice-President for Zynx Health, a leader of evidence- and experience-based products and services for the Healthcare industry.

Guillermo was also vice president, Information and Data Services, at Novation (now Vizient), with responsibility for the sales and global business development of Novation’s analytical solutions, and prior to this, served as Vice President, Information and Data Services, Strategy and Product Development, with responsibility for all hospital-facing source-to-settle applications, analytics and mobile strategies. Having joined VHA (Novation’s parent company) in 2007 as Senior Director for Product Design, Ramas was instrumental in the development and design of price-benchmarking solutions and other analytics applications leading to the development of Novation’s source-to-settle suite.



Our Board


Genesis Team Pic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision


Dan Byrne
Dan is an Electrical Engineering graduate from University College Cork, with over 30 years’ experience in senior management roles with Ford Motor Company, FAS, Apple Computer Inc. and Digital Equipment Corporation. As Vice-President of Apple, Dan worked closely with Steve Jobs for many years and was responsible for all of its manufacturing, distribution, procurement and customer services for Europe and subsequently for the Americas.

On returning to Europe from California, Dan was appointed Vice- President Operations for DEC ™ PC Division. Since 1995, Dan has acted as Non-Executive Chairman of many companies in Ireland as well as being appointed by the Minister of Health as Vice- Chair of Ireland Health, Information & Quality Authority.

He is a co-founder of Lincor Solutions Ltd. and Genesis Chairman since 2014.


Jack Daly
Jack is the Managing Director at IPT Ltd (Ireland) and Anglo Production Processes Ltd (UK). Jack’s background is in electronics manufacturing, where he worked for many years as a senior engineer with a major subcontractor, building product for companies like Dell Computers and Apple. Jack then made a very successful move in to commercial life when he joined IPT in 1998, since then he applied his process and lean manufacturing knowledge to the business to help IPT and APP become the leading distributors of equipment in the UK and Ireland.

In 2012 Jack took over as Managing Director at IPT and APP , and also established the Life Sciences business unit within these companies focusing on product and pack inspection / serialization , this business unit combined with the traditional electronics manufacturing equipment has proven to be a very successful business model. Jack background in manufacturing and lean projects has been a significant contributor to product development at Genesis .


Dan Sweeney
Corporate Strategy Director

Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Vizient Inc. as well as being a Genesis Board member. Dan’s Vizient experience includes leading corporate efforts related to strategy, product development, product pricing and packaging for all clinical, financial and supply chain related software applications as well as products and services such as consulting, advisory services and member networks.

Integration of market research and voice of the customer play an important role in the development of the strategies. Additionally, training of sales staff and corporate deal team as well as a primary role in the development of marketing materials and messages are important elements of this role that result in market leading products and services for Vizient.

Dan developed Vizient’s supply chain informatics group, including supply chain business intelligence, commercial software-as-a-service applications related to source-to-settle business processes including sourcing, contract management, procurement, decision support and data management/data synchronization for item master and charge master systems. Led growth in this new business for Novation creating fastest growing business within Novation. Managed significant investment in IT systems and staff that support this new organization

Dan’s many years of Supply Chain expertise is a major benefit to Genesis to help steer the company towards the industries’ leading patient cost accounts and hospital management system.


Joseph Mason

Dr Joey Mason’s career in the healthcare industry has focused on developing and directing entrepreneurial businesses in Ireland, the EU and USA.

He specializes in the medical technology and digital health sectors. Joey currently sits on the board of publicly-listed SpineGuard SA (Ticker: ALSGD). In the past, as a VC partner at Delta Partners, he was a director of Genable Ltd, Neuravi Ltd, Neurocure Ltd, Incereb Ltd, Glysure Ltd (UK), AccuNostics Ltd (UK), Miracor Medicalsystems GmbH (Aus), QSream, Inc (US) and Heartscape Technologies, Inc (US).

He co-founded Eumom Ltd, a women’s digital health business in 2000. He also served on the board of InvestEurope – the body representing Europe’s private equity sector.